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This powerful, practical book, based on years of proven success, will give you tactics and techniques that you can use immediately to generate thousands of dollars in extra revenues, and save yourself years of hard work in building your business.”

Brian S. Tracy

New York Times bestselling author, Public speaker, Personal and professional development trainer

AJ is an entrepreneur, he runs businesses and he is amazing. If you haven't learned from AJ how to double your business then you missed the point. AJ took his expertise in running a business and turned it to an information marketing business. AJ can go to a business and double its revenue in couple of months. He can see things that you can't see. He pushes few buttons in the business and voila the business is doubled

Robert G. Allen

author of the New York Times bestsellers

Creating Wealth

Nothing Down

Multiple Streams of Income

One Minute Millionaire

AJ Rassamni is a personal friend of mine, and mentor. AJ's book gives you all the knowledge you need to Gain The Unfair Advantage over your competitors and it is a must read for any small business regardless of the industry. According to US Census Bureau over 99% of businesses are small businesses. This book will show you how to automate and systemize your operation and position your company, create culture, increase profit and much more.

Jerry Yang

2007 World Series Poker Champion

Author of All In, From Refugee Camp to Poker Champ

A.J. Rassamni is a hero of mine—a man who escaped a war in Lebanon, fled to America and with his brilliance educated himself to become both a successful business man and a mentor to many. His book is a prime example of how to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them using a refined set of principles that work effectively to beat the competition and build a successful business in the process. I strongly recommend this book.

Joseph Sugarman

Author of many best selling books, marketing legend, Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation and former CIA agent

Here is a book that every entrepreneur should read. AJ Rassamni asks the right questions, and it gives answers introducing creative innovative strategies and concepts for sustainable profitable business success.

Carlos Dias


co-author of

"The CEO Who Sees Around Corners" and

"Creative Leadership for Turbulent Times"

 have invested 30 years in sales as a professional selling representative and business owner, written collegiate text books on Selling, more than 20-books, 21-languages, 4- best sellers and teach professional selling strategies - GAIN THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE is pure wisdom and explosive immediately applicable strategies and techniques you must read and apply now!

Dr. Jeffrey Magee

 CMC, PDM, CSP Publisher, Performance/P360 Magazine,

Gain the Unfair Advantage" is a great book that inspires business owners to reach their financial potential thru efficiency, creativity and proven strategies. A very sound business model to help self-employed and entrepreneurs be more successful in today's increasing competitive market.

Sam Abed

Mayor of Escondido



Pacific West Consulting

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book! AJ is so inspiring! I have highlighters going, post-it on the sides, and feedbacks on the margin. It’s like graduate school all over again

Diane Phakonekham

Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California

AJ, you are proof that the harder you work the luckier you get. The chances of being successful at anything by doing only one thing well is very low; All businesses are multifaceted and really requires owners to manage every aspect of their business and personal life to succeed. This book gives readers a road map to bring their businesses to new levels.

Anthony Analetto

President- Equipment Division Sonny’s- The Car Wash Factory

"A must read for those who are looking for some simple easy to follow systems that will help you take your business to the next level. AJ understands that practical solutions lead to greatness, and his way of thinking is a powerful combination of business information and common sense that will make a difference for any organization!

Brett Overman

Chairman-National Disaster Solutions

AJ, I really enjoyed reading your book “Gain Then Unfair Advantage” especially the idea of “wow factor” and the laser focus on putting customers first. I have practically highlighted or bookmarked every single page of my Kindle. You have a unique ability to explain abstract ideas in a simple and direct fashion. I now have a much better understanding why Peter Drucker said the purpose of a business is to create a customer.

Jeff Chen

Wealth Strategist

AJ is my friend and mentor. His new book Gain the Unfair Advantage is perhaps the most brilliant business book ever written. Would you like to double your income and make more money in the next twelve months? Then this book is a must read. I am so proud to have this book as part of my library. I have read it three times and it has taken me to new heights—and I am sure it will do the same for you. After one personal session with AJ few months ago, he customized an incredible closing for me for my one-day workshop. It generated an unbelievable one hundred percent. AJ is a brilliant marketer and strategist; if he chooses to work with you, don’t miss the opportunity.

John Lee

Investor, speaker and author of

Secrets of a Deal’ionaire