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AJ Rassamni, lived eight years in a civil war before he immigrated to the U.S in 1985 with $100 in his pocket. 1987 he moved to California and worked at a car wash while going to college at night. Within a week he said, “wow, I love this business” and he set is goals to own it within 10 years because he wanted to live the American Dream. And the rest is history. Since 1989, AJ had studied over 456 fast growth companies and had many mentors along the way such as Tom Hopkins, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Robert Allen and many more.

AJ Rassamni Featured In Forbes Magazine

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Business Lessons From Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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AJ’s Books and Courses will give you a significant leg up on your competition. His strategies are proven to deliver exponential results for any business that applies them.

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